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Get Payment Method

  • The admin can now view the Payment method and payment details at Reports.
  • Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → Reports.
  • By clicking on reports admin can see all the users details with payment method.

Payment Transaction

  • Navigate to the payment section on the Website.
  • Fill the required basic information such as first name, last name & email address etc regarding the user.
  • On the payment page users will be presented various Payment method options to select the preferred payment method from the available choices such as card details and account information.
  • Review the payment details including the selected payment amount. 
  • Click on the payment button then the user can successfully make payments on the website.

Reports Section 

  • Click on the reports to proceed.
  • In the report section, the admin can find various user details with Payment Methods.

Reports Details

  • Click on the relevant report ID to access the report details. 
  • Once an admin user clicks on report ID, admin will be directed to a page or view comprehensive information with Payment Methods.

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