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Registering Website (ReCaptcha v2)

  • On the ReCaptcha admin console, click on the “+” to register a new site.
  • Provide a label for your website in the “Label” field.
  • In the ReCaptcha type select ReCaptcha version v2.
  • Add your domain name in the “Domain” field. Ensure that you entered the correct domain name associated with your website.
  • Once admin clicks on submit button you will be redirected to a page that displays your site key and secret key.
  • Enable ReCaptcha.
  • Click on reCAPTCHA v2 Radio button.
  • Paste the site key and secret key of v2.
  • Save the key to apply the reCaptcha configuration to your website.

Front-End Impact

  • On the payment form where the ReCaptcha checkbox appears.
  • By clicking on the checkbox and completing the ReCaptcha verification process.

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