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Getting Started

  • Once the plugin is installed, a menu will appear on the WP Admin Dashboard titled WP EASY PAY.
  • To use the WP EASY PAY the Sandbox must be signed in before proceeding further.
  • To sign in navigate to https://developer.squareup.com/us/en

  • After Signing in successfully, you are in the Square up Sandbox page now click the Open button.

  • Now, you are in the Square up Sandbox page.

  • Now go to the WP Admin Dashboard in the new tab.
  • Navigate to the WP EASY PAY→ Square Connect.
  • For the test payment type, go to the toggle button and select Test Payment.

  • Enter your Notification Email.

  • Click on the Connect Square (sandbox) button.

  • You will be redirected to the Square OAuth Flow page.
  • Click on the Allow button.

  • Now, you will be redirected to the next page where you will be authenticated to square.
  • Click on the Redirect Me button.

  • You will be redirected back to your WP Admin Dashboard.
  • Your Square Sandbox account is now connected.

  • Select Default Test Account from the Location Drop-Down menu.

  • Mark the checkbox After Pay option to enable the feature.

  • Click on the Save Settings button.

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