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WP Easy Pay also provides integration with MailChimp, whenever there is payment through a WP Easy Pay form, the user’s name and email will be added to your MailChimp audience, to set up MailChimp with WP Easy Pay follow the below steps.


  • Log in to your mailchimp.

  • Go to Account page -> Extras -> API Keys.

  • Create an API key and copy it.


  • Go to WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WP Easy Pay -> Integrations -> MailChimp
  • Paste the API key.
  • Characters after the hyphen is your server key.
  • Paste it in the server field.
  • Enable MailChimp checkbox.
  • Click Save Keys.


  • Now go to form settings.
  • Select your MailChimp Audience and update form.


  • Now whenever there is a payment through the form, the user will be added to your MailChimp audience.
  • Contacts added in Mailchimp Audience.

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