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Payment Form Details

  • Fill out the form details in the Payment Form Details section.
  • Enter the title of the form in the Form Title field.
  • Enter the description of the form in the Form Description field.
  • Select desired payment type from the Select Payment Type drop-down menu.

payment details

Note: While creating Donation Payment, Donation Recurring or Subscription Payment After Pay is not available.

  • Select the desired Amount Type if you have any layout.

  • Enter the amount that will be paid through the form.
  • You can enter multiple amounts.
  • If you want to enable the other amount field click the Enable other amount field on the payment form checkbox.

  • After enabling this field, the Min Amount and Max Amount fields will be enabled where the admin can enter the range of the amount.

  • You can also enable redirection on success.
  • For this, select the Yes or No from the Redirection on success dropdown menu.
  • When you select Yes, you can enter the duration of Redirection in seconds.

  • Enter the Payment Success Button label. This will be displayed when the payment is successful. When the user clicks this button, the site will be redirected.
  • Enter Payment Success Button URL. On the successful payment when the button is clicked, the site will be redirected to the URL entered in this field.

  • Enter message text that will be displayed on successful payment in the Payment Success Message field.
  • Enter the Postal Placeholder.

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