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WP EasyPay Features

Improved Form Builder

We have introduced tremendous changes to the form builder in the newest version of WP EasyPay. You can now change the entire outlook of your form with just a click of a button.

Feast your eyes on the beautiful new user interface designed to present efficiency in both the look and functionality of the plugin – Amount layout support, Drag-and-drop functionality, Success URL redirector, and much more.

Improved Single Form Layout

The new and improved single form layout is the crown jewel of the WP EasyPay plugin. Enjoy simple and easy-to-use functionalities that make payment collection a piece of cake.

The clean user interface of the form layout combined with a couple of new features like drag and drop functionality, pre-defined important fields, and form validation options make v3.0 superior to every other.

Subscription Reports

We have made subscription tracking the easiest part of your business. You can now create parent subscription reports, and within those, multiple child subscription transaction reports – these are the complexities we’ve made easy through categorization.

You will still be able to review each transaction report under the reports tab and reports made through the previous version under the old reports tab.

Subscription Pause & Run Functionality

You could always end a subscription and create a new one like in the previous version, but now you can also pause and run it at will! Simply pause the subscription from the back-end without ending or eliminating it and run it again whenever you need to.

This functionality will help you manage your customers more easily – creating scheduled payments has never been more effortless.

Multi Step Form

The Multi Step Form layout is a step-by-step tab interface that is perfect for signups and payments. Our newly introduced form multi step layout provides a clean and easy to use interface that helps visitors type information in a well-organized manner without having to face tons of confusing controls.

The user will only be able to go to the next step after the current step has been filled-incorrectly. Furthermore, you can use the multi step form layout in the pop-up window if you want.

Multiple Amount Layouts

Use multiple amount layouts through the form builder to give your users the luxury to select their payment in three different styles.

  1. Payment layout in dropdown – Display your amount and its labels in a dropdown menu.
  2. Payment layout in radio-listing – Display your amount and its labels through radio
  3. Payment custom layout – Display a customizable field through which the user can enter
    their desired amount.

Form and Email Tags

You can now add extra fields to your form through the form builder, but the best part about this feature is that you can use the field tags for multiple purposes.

These tags can be used in the transaction notes by a simple click of a button. You can also use these tags when creating emails for yourself or your customers.