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Note: There is a limit of 60 characters for transaction notes in Square API, so if you exceed this limit it will automatically ignore.

  • The Admin can set the transaction notes through which the transactions can be identified in the Square Transactions.
  • These Transaction Notes are added in the Form Edit section.
  • Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → WP EASY PAY → Create Payment Forms or Edit the current form in the All Forms.
  • Go to the Transaction Notes tab.

  • Copy the Default Note Tags that you want to add.
  • Paste them in the Transaction Notes section.

  • Click the Update or Publish button.


Impact on Front-End

  • Go to your website.
  • Open the WP EasyPay Form page.
  • Submit the payment form.
  • After a successful payment, go to the Square Up Account.

Square Dashboard (Test Mode)

  • Go to the Square Developer Dashboard: https://developer.squareup.com/
  • Go to the Applications.
  • Navigate to the Sandbox Test Accounts.
  • Open the SandBox Dashboard.

  • Now you are in the Square up Sandbox Dashboard.

  • From the side menu, click on the Transactions.

  • All the transactions are displayed here and can be identified with the transaction notes.

  • Click on any Transaction to view the details.


Square Dashboard (Live Mode)

  • From the side menu, click on the Transactions.


  • All your transactions will be displayed in this section.

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