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3 Reasons Why Freelancers Need To Add WP Easy Pay To Their Website

Arranging safe payment options for your freelancing tasks is one of the most important aspects of running an online business.

3 Reasons Why Freelancers Need To Add WP Easypay To Their Website

Usually, merchant account providers and payment gateways have functioned distinctly. Nevertheless, many processors have begun to provide integrated solutions related to business processing services in recent years.

WP Easy Pay is one of the leading Square payment solutions that emerged with technology that authorizes payments between the customer’s and the merchant’s bank account.

If you are a freelancer, the odds are part of your orders funnel, and you have to rely on a powerful payment processor to accept payments through online or third-party services.

How Can Payment Processors Benefit Your Freelance Business?

A payment processor can help your freelance business grow worldwide within a few years. Although most freelancers are aware of the booming outsourcing market in the U.S., the situation in Europe is also increasing quickly, where the mainstream general public uses computing devices every day for their daily activities.

How Can Payment Processors Benefit Your Freelance Business-

As a freelancer, you can immediately process orders from clients in different countries that use different currencies using a payment processor. For foreign clients, placing an order on different outsourcing websites is different from placing an order to any domestic employee. Today’s payment processes are designed to work with various frameworks, empowering you to link your website to the payment gateway of your choice and start accepting global orders from clients around the world.

There are many benefits of payment processors, but the single agenda is to increase customer’s and businesses’ loyalty with a wider range of payment options.

The payment plugin integration does not entail too much trouble and can easily configure freelancers who already have websites or apps.

It only requires substandard maintenance with a cost-effective budget.

Due to the acceptance of payment processors, most people are familiar with and used to its concepts. This makes freelancer’s business easier because it has fewer technical requirements. The payment processors facilitate quick registration through a customizable payment form. Therefore, freelancers can customize the payment page as needed. Allowing digital platforms to accept online payments can ultimately improve the overall rating and trust on your profile.

The following are the benefits of using WP Easy Pay:

  • Improve Client Experience: a fast and smooth payment experience is an obligation in freelancing. WP Easy Pay enables wide features and makes online orders as easy as possible.
  • Increase Sales: According to a study, if the payment/checkout process is cumbersome or complicated, more than 50% of clients will cancel an order. However, easy payment methods will undoubtedly increase 40% of all online orders, ultimately raising sales.
  • Security: WP Easy Pay regularly complies with security standards such as PCI DSS to ensure secure transactions.

1. Improve Customer Experience Using WP Easy Pay

For freelancers, the payment process on online order sites must provide the safest payment experience. As far as the client is concerned, they need security about financial safety, like entering their information into the system. It must be encrypted and processed by the official party. Once the transaction is successful, the details will no longer exist in the system, so hackers do not have a single entry point to steal your data.

Improve Customer Experience Using WP EasyPay

The client experience also represents customer satisfaction when the payment processor accepts orders instantly. When a client posts an order online and pays through a credit card, the order can be processed virtually through a freelancer profile. Once the transaction is handled and the client receives the approval email, it directly impacts your profile score when you complete the task within a few days.

Save Card Details to Make Orders Quicker

Regular clients will find it annoying to provide payment information against every order they place to you. By using WP Easy Pay, you can safely store your card details in your account without any risk. All your clients need to do is provide reference details and approve their identity to complete the project. If this saves a couple of minutes for each payment, it ultimately saves a lot of time. You also saved your client’s valued time, so they earned good profit.

When using the WP Easy Pay payment platform, the card details are permanently available irrespective of the payment method and verification purpose; it is essential to ensure your identity and confirmation to complete the transaction.

2. Increase Sales

For a long time, the mainstream Square’s payment processing revenue has come from freelancers who use Square’s gateway to manage their transactions. Now, Square is taking the initiative to make it handier for freelancers who use non-square gateways to turn into Square payment customers. WP Easy Pay uses Square as an API to process payment under the legitimacy of Square.

Increase Sales

WP Easy Pay also enables easy record keeping, which is essential for freelancing operations and caters to the global market. Each transaction generates a signed digital acceptance for the client and the freelancer, allowing you to digitally archive all daily, weekly, and monthly sales. You can track your project financing quarterly and yearly to recognize your best services and mark the best projects of the year to highlight P.R. activities.

3. Provide Security and Peace of Mind to Clients

Although 70% of the corporations that store and process credit card information have not yet complied with the secure PCI standard, WP Easy Pay fully meets the requirements to ensure transaction security, and clients trust the freelancer’s goodwill.

Provide Security and Peace of Mind to Clients

With WP Easy Pay, clients feel safe and secure during all processes and take advantage of all the types and choices provided by freelancers and WP Easy Pay. For the public. As more and more freelancers do business online, the outsourcing market continues to expand. When you consider the rise in client trust in freelancers, the impact of WP Easy Pay cannot be underestimated.

What WP Easy Pay Offers You?

WP Easy Pay provides a secure, easy-to-use, and hassle-free platform for real-time online payment collection. It complies with SQUARE V2 API standards and provides scam and refund management. WP Easy Pay offers square transaction notes, email notifications, and reporting features so freelancers can use a robust back-end system to view and manage payments.

  • Safe and real-time payment processing.
  • Report generation, refund, and reconciliation processing.
  • Modify the payment process requirements of each entity.
  • Protect freelancers from scams or fraud attempts.
  • Strong customer authentication (SCA) enabled.