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Easy Ways You Can Turn Freelance Into Success

You don’t always need a story or piece of advice to start a freelance business and a learning experience for others. A big NO!

If you are passionate about something that provokes you to stand up, go out, find ways, and start doing it, then you must be on the right track that leads to your life success.

Turn Freelance Into Success

What else do you need? We have seen people with a bulk of resources, ideas, environments, and of course, a maid that makes them coffee, but they don’t have will; they don’t have an addiction to start implementing their plans into reality. If you are one of them, think twice about your life.

People are scared of taking risks, but if there is no risk, there is no success. Success comes after failure and experiences. We don’t depreciate people who are happy with their 9-5 easy life schedule and no will to earn with passion, but we appreciate people who initially take a baby step even with a small income.

You always need motivation, a living example, a mentor, and risk-taking qualities to achieve something far beyond your thinking. Freelancing is one of them!

Freelancer is a term that is synonymous with BOSS! You will be your own boss, could be CEO!

Turn your imagination into a reality that actually makes you happy, and trust me, it is as easy as 1,2,3 only if you are confident enough to walk to the final destination.

Leave your comfort zone and start taking risks

It seems difficult, but it is the initial step towards a freelance career. People think it is all about doing projects online, but it is more than that. Actually, a lot more than that.

Success wants hard work, even though it is online or onsite. You need to bite the dust to find a pearl. As mentioned above in the second paragraph, go out, find ways; freelancing is more like it.

The freelance career could be online businesses such as writing, development, selling courses, running a blog, online consultancy, and many more. When it comes to something that you can run from your house or any physical location includes a cafe, boutique, bookshop, art-selling, DIYs, and many more.

Jaw-Dropping Facts About Freelance Business

As we all know, freelancers are independent workers because they have their own and self-made working hours at any time of the day. Also, they do not need to wear formal clothing for work. Usually, they wear pajamas all day and are connected to the entire world, delivering projects worldwide.

Funny, isn’t it? But now, we will share some of the jaw-dropping and head-blasting facts about the freelance businesses and their level of success that will compel you to start doing it.

  • Freelancers are more skillful than employed people because they have the energy to learn more; the rate touches 50% of skilled freelancers.
  • The most demanding freelancing jobs include web designing, SEO specialists, content writing, and virtual assistants.
  • Around 64% of freelancers can easily find their desired jobs online and take their business physically with earnings.
  • The hourly rates of a skilled freelancer reached $28.
  • The referral system in freelance careers is normal, and 33% of freelancers get jobs through referrals.

Why Would You Choose a Freelance Career?

There is no limit to starting a freelance business. However, let us jot down some crucial reasons for opting for this career journey. You will definitely find them interesting. Happy exploring!

  • No slavery, be your own boss.
  • Relaxing working hours.
  • Control things yourself.
  • Work from anywhere; it could be your bathing tub (not necessarily).
  • Paid overtime working.
  • Enjoy your weekdays as well.
  • No job-security issues.
  • Passionate working and learning simultaneously.
  • No office fatigues.
  • Select your favorite projects to work on.
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Interaction with different cultures.
  • Confident working.

And a lot more.

Successful Freelancers’ Stories

When we see people growing due to their continuous efforts and faith in it, we inspire them. Here, we will share some success stories that will help you get more into this profession.

1. Jennifer Lester – A journey from unsuccessful relationship to financial stability

Jennifer Lester, aka Jenn, had two teenage boys and a baby when she left her husband due to an unsuccessful relationship. She was looking for a work opportunity to nourish her children in a good way. At that time, she got to know about Upwork (freelancing platform), and she created her profile on this freelancing portal and started working as a writer.

Jennifer Lester

                                                                             Image Source

Due to her faith in her writing skills, she continuously worked hard almost for a year, and after that, she doubled her income up to a $125 hourly rate. She boosted her skills and learned email writing as well. Now, Jenn is proudly nourishing her children and preparing her young boy to create an account on such a freelancing portal to start earning online.

2. Brandon Cowan – Turned Ideas into Reality

If you want to learn how to turn your ideas into reality, read about Brandon Cowan, a daydreamer who dreamt about a Crazy Dog application, and he did that.

Brandon Cowan

                                                                              Image Source

In 2010, he planned to develop a Crazy Dog application, and he worked hard day and night. In 2012, he succeeded and built the Crazy Dog application. He is currently helping different government agencies, individuals, and other businesses make their dreams come true.

He built his team of developers and designers who helped him create more than thirty-five applications, including Charles Sturt University, Taronga Zoo, PetRescue, and many others. He is yielding applications for android and iOS. Besides, he also designs websites, graphical work, and some sort of explainer videos too.

The interesting thing about this crazy freelancer is that he has made four top hundred applications for his clients.

3. Paul Clarke – Professional Photographer

Read about an editor and retoucher who turned into a professional photographer due to his sharp photography skills and the eyes to see the beauty in things.

Paul Clarke

Since 1991, he has been working as an image editor, but he had the ambition to become a professional photographer, and he did so. His piece of art is not limited to the magazines but is shared online as well.

Paul works for more than three hundred events per year, and the way he works faster makes him more successful and motivated to his work. Currently, he owns a team of photographers and image editors who work under his supervision.

What Demotivates You To Do Freelance Work

After thinking about all the aspects of doing freelance business and taking it to the success level, you might get annoyed about the payment process.

You may have clients from all over the world, and after working for them, you expect to receive payments without any complication, but you face hurdles in such procedures.

To get rid of such difficulties, we have a solution for you to accept payment worldwide securely and swiftly. Do you want to know what it is? Keep on reading.

WP EASYPAY – Square Payment Solution

It is the number one and preferred square payment solution for everyone. It works with WordPress websites and accepts payments from anywhere globally with a 99.9% Uptime value.

If you want something easy, it should be your choice. Yes, it is very simple to install and configure and takes very little time to set up your WordPress website.

It is super fast and secure. It will never put you in a risky situation. All you need to make a connection of the WPEasyPay Square payment solution with your WordPress website.

In addition to that, it lets you build your statistical report of all your online transactions to keep the records for backup purposes. Do you know it is free to use?

However, if you want to unlock its remarkable features, you will be charged a reasonable amount if we see its offerings. It requires four simple steps; install & activate, connect with Square, create payment forms, and start receiving funds.

Are you thinking about using Square payment gateway when you already have PayPal? Let me tell you the reasons for using the Square platform.

Square PayPal
Purpose Square has

been specifically designed for the businesses

PayPal has been specifically designed for online transactions
Gadgets It has digital devices for making transactions and other purposes No digital devices are available for PayPal
Swiped Transaction Fee 2.6% + 10 cents 2.7%
Online Transaction Fee 2.9% + 30 cents 2.9% + 30 cents
Chargeback Fee $0 $20

Square Digital Gadgets

As we mentioned in the comparison table that Square offers digital gadgets, let’s explore the purposes of each of them.

  1. Reader for Magstripe – it enables you to read your credit card payments through your smartphones.
  2. Reader for Contactless & Chip – enables you to read your chip cards to perform transactions.
  3. Stand for Contactless & Chip – fix your iPad to this digital stand and start making transactions.
  4. Terminal – insert your Square Visa Card into the terminal machine and pay for anything.
  5. Register – it is a one-window solution to manage your POS register for any kind of business.
  6. Accessories – a wide variety of accessories from printer paper to printer machines are available.
  7. Hardware Kits – a complete set of Square systems are available for all types of iPads.

Some best freelance businesses that you can start without investment

To make your freelance work successful, you should never stop learning. Yes, continuous efforts can turn your freelance into success. Find out the freelance business that you can start without investing a single penny.

1. Content & CopyWriting

You might have heard the famous line “Content is the King.” Yes, that’s true; the content could be anything such as blogs, articles, images, documents, videos, music, or anything else. But, without words, anything is incomplete.

Have you ever seen a website or blog without any description or storytelling? NO!

It would be a great idea to offer freelance writing services such as email writing, blogs, articles, website copywriting, product descriptions, e-book writing, etc. For that, you must have a sense of the writing.

In addition to that, if you possess a storytelling skill set, that would be an asset to boost your writing business. Today, most business owners prefer storytelling writing energy that makes it easy to deliver their messages to their audience.

2. Website Designing & Development

Whether you open a small coffee shop, you must have your website to build business awareness. Are we right? Of course. No matter what business you are currently doing, the online presence helps you better than other physical marketing efforts.

The website designing and development freelance business are easy-going only if you have technical expertise; otherwise, you will face challenges in this competitive environment. It is a high-demand online job, and you can easily find work for you if you have strong skills over demandable programming languages for website development.

3. Caricatures Designer

Caricature designing is one of the high-demand and trending freelance businesses these days. You can find a bulk of such jobs on each freelancing platform. People are more switching to the designing work and learning hands-on expertise to design caricatures.

You will have amazing job opportunities if you go with the caricature designing business. If you can see, people like to design their caricatures even on their wedding cards. All you need to have commanding skills over designing tools and a good graphics workstation.

4. Translator

Do you know foreign languages? No? That’s okay; you can still do translation jobs with the help of your mother language. Some people are looking for online translators who are capable of translating their documents into other languages.

Most people want to translate their immigration, scholarship, and other legal documents. This is only a freelance job when you do not need to learn skills if you have command over your default language.

5. Online Bookstore

Are you a bookworm? If your answer is yes, this could be the best freelancing job for you to earn money online. It will definitely help you in turning your freelance business into a success.

It will be fun; you can read more books and earn by selling them through your online store. It may need a little investment at the start and a little effort to market your online bookstore as well. Once you start earning money through it, you will not need to invest more into it.

Stop Thinking & Start Doing

Congratulations! You now have the best ways to turn your freelance into a successful business and earn money online. Nowadays, freelancing has become popular for earning without investing, and this is the time to leverage it.

Overall, this blog contains the general information everyone has to know about a freelance career, but the most important part is when you start freelance jobs and get paid. There, you may have complications; this is why we have particularly mentioned the WPEasyPay solution for everyone.

Simply integrate this into your WordPress websites and start getting paid without any hectic procedures. Again, this is the right time to set up your payment method without paying for anything because WPEasyPay basic version is FREE to use.

Moreover, this blog will give you more clarity about your freelance business, and if you are already into it, you can make your freelance business more successful by following this blog.